doob meta - Mixed Reality Business Platform

Welcome to your personal metaverse – Our mixed reality business platform doob meta, offers you solutions tailored to your company for virtual work environments and collaborative work of the future! Experience the fascinating possibilities of streamlining work processes across any physical distance and rethinking them in virtual dimensions.


Connect with colleagues for meetings, collaboration and training regardless of where you are. This saves time, money and it also environmentally friendly.

Easy entry
without obstacles

Whether through video chat, VR glasses or a browser, you can take advantage of doob meta to interact with your colleagues without any technical obstacles.

working environments

We create a metaverse that fulfills all your needs and ideas beyond physical borders, with work environments individually designed for you.

You in 3D!

Our high-resolution scanning technology, lets us, create, for your metaverse, a personal avatar that, outperforms all other solutions on the market.


A metaverse according to your wishes

Start with our standard rooms or work with us on developing your personal environment to hold virtual workshops, presentations or events. We can gladly fulfill any individual work requirement of your industry with tailor-made solutions and features specifically developed for you.

Our doob meta uses an architecture calculated in the cloud that makes it easy to transfer, web-based data into the metaverse, which in turn greatly simplifies the creation of interfaces for video conferences, office programs and all web-based applications.

Basic features


Each of our metaverses starts with a basic but ever expandable range of virtual tools found across a modern work environment. For instance, you can take written notes or use a laser pointer to direct audience focus.

Speech to mimic

Our AI voice analysis, system automatically transfers emotions conveyed through your speech onto your digital avatar in the form of facial expressions and body gestures. Additionally, a large selection of predefined emotions are available to support you in virtual communication.

Spacial Audio /
Private Audio Zone

As in real life, other people in our metaverse will sound to you, depending on your position relative to their avatars. In private audio zones, you can even isolate yourself completely from the surrounding noise and talk privately with a colleague.

Data sync via
WebView / API

Our cloud-based architecture lets you transfer data and  interfaces of various applications to your metaverse via WebView or API. NFTs and blockchain servers can also be integrated that could turn your metaverse into a next-gen trading platform for digital goods.

The future worlds of work

Our virtual workspaces can be based on real rooms or be freely invented.

You in 3D -
Your personal avatar

Our 3D scanner technology lets us, create a detailed avatar that closely reflects you appearance. This enables virtual interaction with colleagues, at a peronal level close to reality. Alternatively, we can also create your digital twin based on just two reference images. Facial expressions and body movements are simulated and further skills can be added if desired. Have you ever wanted to fly from one meeting to the next like Superman/woman? – In virtual reality, this is no problem!

doob meta avatars


  • Created from 66 photos, as taken by our 3D scanner
  • Whole body capture
  • Highly realistic representation of the head, body and clothing
  • Best-quality solution on the market for use in the metaverse


  • Created from 2 photos of your choice
  • Head remodeling
  • Choice of different generic bodies with clothes
  • Very high quality and flexible solution for creating avatarse

Enter the doob metaverse through various devices!

HTC Vive
Web Browser
Windows Mixed Reality